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Με τεχνολογία σάρωσης δομημένου φωτόςRegardless of the industry in which you operate, GE SUPPLiES' innovative 3D scanning services provide direct and flexible solutions to any type of quality control and reverse engineering applications of high precision parts.

3D scanning is performed using structured light technology, ensuring maximum precision, which cannot be achieved by other traditional methods.

With the use of specialized post-scanning software, our customers receive with absolute credibility:

  • Color depiction files for direct and user-friendly comparison of the object with the three-dimensional file.
  • Quality control reports with complete analysis and mapping of dimensional differences from the three-dimensional design.
  • Mechanical drawings and 3D files

GE SUPPLiES 3D scanning services are applicable to reverse engineering, quality control and STL file creation for rapid prototyping as analyzed below:

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of obtaining information about the design (or the way in which an object was produced) and reproducing the object based on the extracted information.

In GE SUPPLiES, the geometry of the objects is retrieved by using 3D scanning technology and in particular a non-contact 3D scanner with structured light technology.

Using structured light 3d scanning, a digital library of three-dimensional models can be created while ensuring that your parts will not be damaged in the process. Then, these models are used to replicate or redesign - customize an object according to your needs.

Reverse engineering is an important asset for both the digitization of a series of objects and for maintenance purposes. It leads to the creation of new products based on the objects you have scanned.

The benefits of this process are numerous. Most significantly, it shortens the cycle of new product development and saves considerable time and costs.

Quality Control

Accuracy is the key to success!

The use of professional structured light 3D scanners combined with the experience and expertise of GE SUPPLiES’ metrology team ensures the production of high-quality detailed reports and high-precision color deviation maps.

Quality reports include:

  • 3D deformation and deviation analysis
  • wear analysis
  • visual 3D reports, profile deviation color mapping, 2D sections analysis, boundary analysis.

Scan to Print (STL)

With 3D structured light scanning, we create for you the STL file of the object you want to print.

In this way, we guarantee high accuracy of the STL file measurements and consequently, the accuracy of the printed object.

Compared to traditional methods, 3D scanning for rapid prototyping performs the same tasks significantly faster and with greater accuracy at much lower cost.

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