3D Printing

Whether it is a model of your own creation or the result of the 3D scanning or industrial design process, GE SUPPLiES provides rapid prototyping services for a wide range of applications and materials, fully supporting your new product development project.

From the design phase and the development of scaled prototypes to the creation of fully functional real-size models and assemblies, 3D printers are a valuable asset in product development (while they can also be used in mass production).

Rapid prototyping enables a direct evaluation and inspection of your product before mass production. The feedback from this evaluation helps significantly in identifying οn time any imperfections so that the product can be optimized early in the process. The sooner any defects are identified, the less time is needed to correct them, and the lower the cost of doing so.

As a result, rapid prototyping contributes largely in the reduction of development and manufacturing costs as well as the shortening of new product development cycle.

With our 3D printing services, you can receive fully functional prototypes or the final part from the exact material of your final product.

Contact us to get support with the design, selection of the production plan that suits you best and finally get your part quickly and easily at a cost lower than any traditional manufacturing method.


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