eviXscan 3D Pro+

precise 3D scanning of medium and big objects in laboratory or office conditions

  • powerful white light source
  • precision certified to VDI/VDE recommendations
  • two 5Mpix cameras
  • three changeable scanning ranges
  • dedicated solution for designers and producers of medium or big objects


The 3D scanner is dedicated for precise scanning of medium and big objects. It uses white light source and is a perfect device when precision counts. Thanks to three different scanning ranges it allows to scan objects of complex shapes and different sizes. EviXscan 3D Pro+ 3D scanner is an ideal solution for companies that need to perform Quality Control or Reverse Engineering projects in office or laboratory conditions.



  • high quality lenses and two 5Mpix cameras
  • certified precision according to VDI/VDE standard 2634 Part 2, 4.1 Ps
  • powerful white light source
  • three scanning ranges in one unit
  • complete system in a handy mobile case
  • camera’s cooling system
  • possibility of calibration by the end user


  • intuitive eviXscan software available in two languages: English and Polish
  • export results to the most popular formats (stl, ply, obj, asc, bin)
  • software for editing point clouds and meshes
  • regular software updates


  • training for 2 operators included in the price of the scanner
  • full technical support
  • 24 months warranty



A triangulated mesh based on the surface of the scanned object allows the creation of a CAD model. This allows the development of technical documentation of the scanned part. The resulting CAD model can be used for the reproduction of the same part or as a starting point for the design of new parts.


The scanned product is compared with the reference CAD model through the creation of a color deviation map. This process allows the precise verification of the executive drawing and measurement of elements difficult to measure with other methods.


The scanning process contributes to a faster and cheaper production of prototypes, which is nowadays one of the best ways to gain advantage over competition. Thus, a precise 3D scanner such as eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty, is an essential tool that helps towards a faster prototyping process.


Creating accurate visualization of objects with complex shapes. When you decide to invest, you will obtain an advanced high-end equipment and access to our accumulated know-how and experience of Evatronix S.A. engineers– the creators of a complete scanning solution.

Technical Specifications

Areas of use:

Quality control

Reverse engineering

Rapid prototyping

Typical applications:

Tool manufacturing



Technical specification eviXscan 3D Pro+
Light-source type white
Number and type of cameras 2 x 5 Mpix
Scanning accuracy according to DE VDI/VDE2634 Part 2, 4.1 Ps from 0.023mm
Scanning time 4 seconds
Measuring ranges Large 430x330x150mm Medium 360x260x120mm Small 300x200x90mm
Points density 29 pt/mm2 43 pt/mm2 67 pt/mm2
Computer connection 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI/VGA/DVI
Export formats stl, ply, obj, asc, bin
Hardware requirements Windows 7 (64-bit), 16 GB RAM, CPU i5
Software eviXscan
Dimensions (mm)
Scanner 740 x 400 x 200
Scanner on tripod 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Weight (kg)
Scanner 13
Ambient operating temperature from +10oC to +30oC
Storage temperature from -20oC to +40oC
AC input 110/230V, 2.5A, 50/60Hz
International Protection Rating  IP31
Power consumption 370W



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