GE SUPPLiES Best New Partner 2014 of Milacron – Cimcool

The highly prestigious title of BEST NEW PARTNER 2014 was awarded to GE SUPPLiES under the Annual Technical Conference (Cimcool Technical Meeting) which lasted three days and was organized by the MILACRON - CIMCOOL on 13-15 October in The Hague, Netherlands.

cimcool award


The choice of GE SUPPLiES based on the very high level of technical service offered to all its customers, both before and after the sale.

The MILACRON - CIMCOOL experienced more than 65 years developing innovative industrial liquids for metal working, it has an extensive network of privately owned local companies and representatives worldwide.

The GE SUPPLiES is the official distributor MILACRON - CIMCOOL in Greece and Cyprus.