New Cooperation Agreement

New Cooperation Agreements for the Exclusive Distribution of CPT & SCHWARZ Cutting Tools in Greece and Neighboring Countries
Spiralplattenfraeser                  2015 01 16 9 54 12


GE SUPPLiES has signed new cooperation agreements with the German manufacturing companies of cutting tools CPT & SCHWARZ for the exclusive distribution of their cutting tools in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. Through those agreements the local markets are provided with a wide range of qualified cutting tools with very high accuracy of geometries, excellent quality of formulations and extended life.

Due to their above advantages, those cutting tools have been selected by branded global companies, such as – indicatively – General Motors, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, Aerospace Center Europe, Stihl, Mahle and others, while they are already used in machining shops in over 120 countries worldwide.

GE SUPPLiES unbeatable technical support for the optimum application-based selection of the cutting tools, combined with their immediate availability, provides the local machining shops with qualified high value-added solutions.

With the above agreements, GE SUPPLiES range of cutting tools is expanded to a wide range of applications and CNC formulations, from the aerospace, automotive and general engineering, to the production of hydraulic / pneumatic fittings, watched / jewelry and the medical / dental technologies.