Exhibition – Open House

The participation of CIMCOOL and GE SUPPLiES with a common booth at the exhibition – Open House held on 28-30/11/2014 in the production hall of the company GIZELIS in Schimatari - Viotia has been completed successfully.

The visitors of our booth were informed about the innovative industrial fluids of CIMCOOL and the huge significance of their right choice, application and maintenance as part of the qualitative upgrade of the production and its cost reduction.

CIMCOOL is a worldwide leading producer of industrial fluids with his own R&D Department and a network of well-known clients all over the world.

GE SUPPLiES as the official distributor of Cimcool for Greece and Cyprus, supports her customers in choosing the optimal fluids depending on their demands, as well as in the correct application and maintenance in order to achieve the maximum possible result.

The exhibition – Open House has been the first to take place after 2008 for metal working machines, presenting a wide range of sheet metal processing machines, Milling and Turning machines, CAM software, tools and consumables.

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